What microadventure means to me

What microadventure means to me

A microadventure is something that is short, simple, local and inexpensive – yet fun, thrilling, challenging, refreshing and rewarding.

The reason that microadventure means a lot to me is that it’s a small version of a bigger adventure. It’s just really nice to break through the daily routine in a simple way, by going outside. To experience the freshness and silence of nature and to recharge mentally from it.

It’s a nice idea to do that in high mountains in distant countries for months, but that is of course not necessary at all. I used to think that my home the Netherlands was boring or had nothing to offer, but that is not the case at all. Running, cycling, wildswimming, (wild)camping can be done anywhere close to home.

What is the value of small, spontaneous, unpredictable trip to the unknown? With microadventures you create small great memories of being in the outdoors in all conditions. No matter what, where or for how long, dealing with a new set of circumstances requires new thought processes and energies, initiative, quick wits, and a positive attitude towards success. By leaving your comfort zone you put things in a new perspective.

Going outside is not only important for our immune system, but also refreshing in itself. Scents of spring, mushrooms in fall, you name it.

Here some ideas for a microadventure:

  • Do a short hike;
  • Wildcamping somewhere in nature;
  • Trail cycling or bikepacking through dunes or in forests;
  • Running in a forest or along the sea;
  • Canoeing a river;
  • Wild swimming (bonus points when temperatures are below zero).

Alastair Humpreys, the inventor of this concept, wrote a book about it with many more ideas and inspirations.