The concept of a microadventure explained

The concept of a microadventure explained

In the words of Alastair Humpreys is a microadventure an adventure that is short, simple, local, cheap – yet still fun, exciting, challenging, refreshing and rewarding.

A microadventure is a small version of a big adventure. We can very easily break the 9 to 5 routine with microadventures. The purpose is to go outside en be in nature and feel the freshness and stillness in nature. 

It is also a welcoming idea that adventures not always have to take place at the other side of the world. Through small adventures we can break the daily routine. I found out that a microadventure gives me new energy untill the next bigger adventure is reality. You can think of adventures like a little bike ride or a little canoe trip. You can actually come up with anything as long as it gives you just that uncertainty that you don’t have in your daily life. It’s the thrill of starting something small that at first you didn’t think you could handle.

What is the value of small, spontaneous, unpredictable trip to the unknown? With microadventures you create small great memories of being in the outdoors in all theater conditions. No matter what, where or for how long, dealing with a new set of circumstances requires new thought processes and energies, initiative, quick wits, and a positive attitude towards success. By leaving your comfort zone you put things in a new perspective.

And why not? Going outside is always refreshing! Let’s go!

Here some microadventure ideas:

  • Meet a friend while doing wildcamping;
  • Go solo and bring a book;
  • Running or cycling with a night sleep outside;
  • Canoe a river;
  • Do a wild swim;
  • Meet your family by going a bicycle a overnight in the forests.