Where it all started

Where it all started

Welcome to this thank you for being here! This is the first post I’ve ever published on this website. Meanwhile, I continued with the blog and deliver more specific articles about travel and adventure.  Still, I want to show my developments in the past years. One day I started to write with not knowing where it would end. Happy readings!

From now on I will write blogs every now or then when I got the feeling to write something down. A friend asked me: “Where are you going to write about?”. Well, I obviously thought about that but didn’t find a proper answer. Hopefully I am going to find that out in this blog.

Most people agree with me when I say that life is short. People do so much and often don’t realize what they actually are doing. Are you busy with education? Or you working a lot? Do you value to spend time with your friends? Are you often bored? Do you party a lot in the weekends? A lot of questions that all come down to the subject spending time. I often ask myself -and I think a lot of people with me-, why am I doing something? I am not the person who want to clarify all that, but I find it important that you have control in what you are doing. I think that motivates me in writing these articles. If you write something down for other people you are starting to learn something from what you are thinking. How can I explain that to an other person? Is it realistic what I think? Can I be confident about thinking that?

So.. to come back on that first question, I am going to write about things that after writing actually is going to mean something to me. The goal is getting out of my comfort zone with sharing my thoughts and ideas in order to learn something from it. But why in English? Well, to improve my English writing skills and to give foreigners the opportunity to read it.

For questions you can contact me, and please feel free to add any comments to the articles that I publish!