We continue the journey together: cycling the coast [PART 2]

We continue the journey together: cycling the coast [PART 2]

This is the second and final part of a journey on my bicycle through The Netherlands. Here you can find the first part.

In the last few days I cycled to Groningen during my cycle-tour through the Netherlands. I went from Groningen to continue the tour together with my friend Erwin. Our first goal was to get to the Lauwersmeer at the north coast of The Netherlands. Then we would cycle the dike to Harlingen, and after that, Erwin would go back to Groningen and I was ready to cycle a long single dike called the Afsluitdijk. After the dike I continued the journey along the west coast back to my hometown Alblasserdam.

In the last days the weather was changeable with sometimes a bit rain but today we are cycling in full heat. The sun is staring seductive at us from a clear blue sky. Without sunscreen we left for a trip of about 140 kilometers to Harlingen. After an afternoon of cycling we become red beetroots but we forget about that in the evening as we are to share my superfood meal: couscous , Moroccan spices and avocado with mackerel. Easy, quick and tasty.. ?


According to me, after 60 kilometers of cycling in full heat, the word tasty doesn’t matter that much anymore. Almost every food has become tasty at that point. We set up our tents, capture the food and shoot pictures of a wonderful bright sunset at the lake.

Sun set Lauwersmeer

The next morning we take a dip in the lake, pack our stuff and continue the journey of at least 80 kilometers for today. We get desperately on the lookout for some nice herring. Here in the north of The Netherlands you got a lot of fishers places with mobile fish stalls. Erwin told me that he had already took 4 herrings in Groningen. I’m of course jealous. Now it was time that I was going to conquer my herring.

In the evening we arrive in Harlingen and an old fisherman lead us to a place where, according to the newspaper Algemeen Dagblad, they sold last year the best herring of The Netherlands. This is wonderful after cycling 80 kilometers in the blazing sun along the coast. Anyway, a herring isn’t really enough food for a day cycling. We note that very many people leave plates full of fish and fries. Erwin manages to secure a plate and we eat free recycled fries with fried fish. Homage to the Dutch I-order-three-times-as-much-than-I-could-eat-culture.

Free food

We cycle back and a moment later we are to camp before dark on the dike.  We enjoy a very beautiful sunset at the sea. Take a look at this view, isn’t it wonderful?

Sunset Waddenzee

At the moment we find relaxation together along the sea after a long day of cycling. At such a time we come to enjoy good conversations.

Erwin and I do share a few things when it comes to how we organize our lives. We agree that a permanent office job for five days a week will not be the case in the near future. We are to restless for that. Adventure brings us new insights, it gives us energy to seek new challenges. For us it is important that we reconnect ourselves with nature. We continue to live in todays Western society more and more away from the nature. We will not change the world with these thoughts but we agree with one thing: we make this choices all by ourselves, we take a position and don’t let our lives be lived by others.

The next day I say goodbye to Erwin in Harlingen and continue my journey solo over this big and beautiful dike called Afsluitdijk. Today I will cycle 120 kilometer in one day and in the end of the day I will reach Zuid Kennemerland, a nature park at the west coast. From the city Ijmuiden I cycle after 120 kilometers in a heavy headwind at 7:00pm from a busy residential suddenly into a beautiful nature park. Fifteen minutes later I am face to face with a wild konik horse. Really cool, because they are quite tame and used to people in here.

Wild konik horse

I work my way unseen in the bushes and put up my tent. “Out of range from everything and no connection with my mobile, if something happens here no one will find me ever”. “Do not think about that,” I think.

” However, there are some living souls around here,” I think later on when I accidentally find this awesome cute birds.

Bird nest

The last day is a fact and I cycle my way with a huge force along the dunes. Only I’m not getting any real speed. Moments later I understand why, oh nooo! A flat tire! The first flat tire of all my trips. That is fun!

Flat tire

Just repare it and move on. After an afternoon of fast cycling I come back in the early evening at my hometown Alblasserdam. The trip is finally over and I made it to cycle The Netherlands! What a great week it was! I cycled 8 days and except for the provinces Flevoland, Zeeland, Noord Brabant and Limburg I crossed all the provinces (12) in The Netherlands with a total length of about 650 kilometers. I hope this will inspire others to also agree to go on the trail.

A vacation does not have to cost a lot of money or necessarily have to be in a tropical warm place. Your own country can also be very relaxing. That has been proved by this trip right?

Click here for more photos of this journey.

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