Videos of adventures

Cycling the Alaska Highway in winter

In 2022 I traveled on a bike over the Alaska Highway in the mid of cold winter.

Saint Petersburg to the North Cape

imageIn winter 2018 I traveled on a bicycle from Saint Petersburg in Russia to the North Cape in Norway. These are vlogs that I made in coorperation with Marktplaats (the Dutch eBay). They are spoken in Dutch.

Rotterdam to Singapore by bicycle

imageThese are the short video episodes I made along the journey. Personal videos with a view of what I see and experience during my cycle travels from Rotterdam to Singapore.

Walking the west coast

DCIM100GOPROAlong with adventurer Erwin Zantinga I walked in six days the Dutch west coast. With a cart and without any guidance. A challenging adventure in hard weather conditions.

Micro avonturen

image-28(EFCT)Micro adventures are brief interruptions of our daily lives. Walking on a beach, canoeing on a river, cooking on a fire, cycling from town to town or sleeping under the stars. Here are some documentaries about short adventures. A week, a day or even from 5 to 9.