Videos of adventures

Saint Petersburg to the North Cape

imageIn winter 2018 I traveled on a bicycle from Saint Petersburg in Russia to the North Cape in Norway. These are vlogs that I made in coorperation with Marktplaats (the Dutch eBay). They are spoken in Dutch.

Experiences in India

imageI’ve been skateboarding in India and shot some random videos. This an attempt to make something from it. Adventure art in video.

Rotterdam to Singapore by bicycle

imageThese are the short video episodes I made along the journey. Personal videos with a view of what I see and experience during my cycle travels from Rotterdam to Singapore.

Walking the west coast

DCIM100GOPROAlong with adventurer Erwin Zantinga I walked in six days the Dutch west coast. With a cart and without any guidance. A challenging adventure in hard weather conditions.

Micro avonturen

image-28(EFCT)Micro adventures are brief interruptions of our daily lives. Walking on a beach, canoeing on a river, cooking on a fire, cycling from town to town or sleeping under the stars. Here are some documentaries about short adventures. A week, a day or even from 5 to 9.