How to turn a can of coke into a camping stove

How to turn a can of coke into a camping stove

Small, easy, lightweighted and cheap. In my search to a camping stove I came across the advice of making it yourself with a soda or beer can. I did try it and made some pictures. This is what you need:

  • a (soda or beer) can
  • a knife
  • some (medical) pure (at least 90%) alcohol

Ok, here we go.

1. Cut the top out of the can


2. Cut the can in two pieces (same size)


3. Make dents in the top piece


4. Make one little hole in the top piece


5. Put the pieces together

Now you can fill it a with a little pure (medical) alcohol and cook someting on it wherever you like. I found this very usefull because you can buy the alcohol all over the world at a very low price. Do not use petrol, diesel, gasoline, or any benzene-based fuels, because they’re carcinogenic.


I found it still difficult to make it really work. I think also in bad wheater circumstances it can be hard to make it work. Make sure that there is a sufficient air inflow. I tried it with iron nettings. Let me know if you have any advice on this.

Here’s a how-to video about it from Tom Allen.

Now we have our do-it-yourself camping stove we only need some good recips to cook something on the road. Noodles should be fine but for the more advanced recips download a free can stove cookbook here. In here some really travel-friendly and healthy ideas for making dinner on the road.