Adventure films that are worth your time

Adventure films that are worth your time

A list of travel movies. Films about people who err on the side of caution in the quest for adventure. But not only that, but also films about people and cultures. Stories. About love. Grief. Joy.

Janapar: Love on the bike

A love story that takes place on a bicycle. A dilemma when Tom has to choose between his love for the bicycle or his love for Tenny, a lady he meets in Armenia.

I really don’t know what I’m doing. You never know who you are going to meet and what you are going to eat in the evening. regret it. ”

You can stream the movie for £ 5 via Tom Allen was one of my biggest inspirers for a long bike trip from Rotterdam to Singapore in 2015.

Down to Earth

Down to Earth is the result of a five-year journey made by a family with their three children in search of the hidden sages of the earth; the Earth Keepers. They realized that the wisdom of the tribal elders should not be lost to the world.

Human the Movie

Human the Movie is a very beautiful film where women and men all over the world simply share their story. It is not really a travel film, but for me traveling is about people and cultures, discovering and better understanding. This is exactly what this movie does.

The entire film can be viewed for free at

See the World

Born in Bulgaria in 1988, Iohan has been entertaining with his self-made films throughout his seven-year bike journey that likely totaled over 100,000 kilometers (he stopped counting back in 2019 “around 70,000ish kilometers”).

Iohan sadly died in 2021 after long suffering from insomnia.

The Nothernmost road

The Italian Lorenzo especially likes cycling in extremely cold temperatures. For example, he cycled in Siberia and met his wife there. This film is about his bike ride to the northernmost tip in Siberia and that in winter.

The Road From Karakol

In the summer of 2011, Kyle Dempster traveled to Kurgystan. A former Soviet republic in the heart of Central Asia. His goal was to climb large peaks across the country by bicycle. Like every great adventure, not everything went as planned.

In Kyle’s words: “There are two choices in life: the known and the unknown. Maybe it was the fact that I came this far. Or maybe is was the wodka. Or maybe it was something else… but I choice the unknown.”

Kyle died in August 2016 during a climbing expedition in Pakistan.

The Longest Way

In 2008, Christopher walked through China – 1 year, 4500km. He let his hair and his beard grow. This is the resulting video. He is currently finishing his walk by walking through Turkey and Europe. He is blogging here: