So.. I’m really doing it!

So.. I’m really doing it!

From a dreamy idea to a specific trip. Yes, I am about to leave now. After several years of dreaming about traveling in distant countries and months of practical planning, this journey is really going to happen. Am I going to do something stupid? Don’t really know but I’ll start to cycle next Monday from the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam with destination Singapore!

It feels quite strange I must say, I am really going to do something I never did before. Help!

But let’s not go sentimental. I need to have a clear view about this. I have at least 12000 kilometers on the go, not exactly a toned body, no visa, a pretty reliable second hand bike and a complete collection of camping gear that I’m going to cram into three mini bags. Must succeed, right?

Anyone who is thinking about following the trip, a huge thanks!

See you soon on the road!