The unclipped adventures of Charlie

The unclipped adventures of Charlie

In the past summer Tom Allen, a cyle-touring adventure blogger, bought a touring bike and all the gear and luggage for just 25 pounds. Than he left to cycle the length of England with no money at all. It looked something like this.


Tom wanted to make someone happy with his new bike and luggage after he finished his length of England tour. Than Tegan came in with her idea that no one can ever exceed. It looked something like this.

And yes, this is a very unique way of telling your story and Tom couldn’t resist. He putted Tegan on the bike and now she is telling awesome creative stories on the world wide web for everybody to read. Tegan named this bike Charlie.


She cycled all the way from England to Spain on Charlie. You can read the stories of Tegan and her adventures on

Now Charlie is for winning again, the poor bicycle, I secretly think he wants to ride the world like me.