The three part solo travelers guide to overcome fear of approaching strangers

The three part solo travelers guide to overcome fear of approaching strangers

Do you fear traveling solo? Do you want to live your dream but something is stopping you from going out there all alone? The last couple of months I wrote a lot about approaching strangers. The purpose in these writings is to be more open to the beauty of mankind. When you’re on the road traveling the world, you want to explore people in all cultures. To connect with people is not difficult, everybody can talk to someone. But to really get a good connection with someone, to understand where somebody is coming from, is a gift. A gift that you can give to yourself, but how?

To understand where I was coming from I wrote a blog that might help you to understand why it is important to know something about yourself and the way you approach life. Here is why I wrote all this parts:

Living a happier, open and social lifestyle

The first part in this proces is to know how you can change things in the way you approach new people. 10 steps that you need to keep in mind when you’re hitting the road.

PART 1: 10 steps to be more open to strangers

Being authentic is very important in the way you communicate yourself through life. How you believe things and how that influence your social being.

PART 2: How your belief system influence your social being

The third and last part in this journey is all about connecting with others. Create something that is worth to live for. This are helpful tips to carry better conversation skills that are useful to create a connecting and to become friends with someone.

PART 3: Connecting with others, 5 useful tips

Keep this information in mind when you’re exploring the world!