Rotterdam to Singapore eps7 – Southeast Asia [VIDEO]

Rotterdam to Singapore eps7 – Southeast Asia [VIDEO]

And there it is! The latest video! The past few days I have worked on the process to bring my experiences in Southeast Asia together in a video. Also in there, a brief review of the entire journey. Like all other updates, the video is fully edited on my iPhone, hence the rather low quality.

Have fun watching it!

With this journey I raised for over 7,000 euros for the protection of endangered species by the World Wild Fund for Nature. This thanks to all friends, family and followers who have donated for more than 3,500 euros. The Dutch second hand website Marktplaats has doubled this amount! And that all because I completed this journey on a 195 euro second hand bicycle which I bought from their online second hand market place. And indeed, there is not much money needed to do cool stuff.

If you have not donated but enjoyed this journey? Donations can still be made through this link.

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Thanks for watching!