RAW SLEEP-OUT: reconnect with nature

RAW SLEEP-OUT: reconnect with nature

A friend of my Erwin, who cycled from Hungary to The Netherlands, started a new project called RAW SLEEP-OUT. He claims that nothing is better then a hot cup of coffee in the early morning brewed on a fire. The idea goes like this:

A raw sleep-out is going back to the basics for one night. Sleeping outside, under the stars, out of your comfort zone, in the fresh air. A way to reconnect with nature, with your environment and therefore also with yourself. And not to forget, to find some adventure in the slug of daily life.

This idea is inspired by Alastair Humphreys idea of a microadventure. The core of this idea is that adventure doesn’t have to be far away in a foreign country, but it can also be around the corner and experienced in your free time. From 5 to 9. Like a RAW SLEEP-OUT. Breaking the habit of hanging on the couch after work; spending some energy to get a whole new batch of energy! Sure sleeping outside is not so comfortable as sleeping in your bed, but there is no other experience then sleeping under the stars and waking up with birds singing around you. This gives you new energy and a whole new view of the surrounding around you!

I will join Erwin next week for a RAW SLEEP-OUT. I will leave Rotterdam and cycle to Groningen, do a RAW SLEEP-OUT with Erwin and then go back to Rotterdam again on bicycle. And that’s exciting! Next week you will find a complete review of this micro adventure including photos and more!

Photo by Erwin Zantinga.