In November 2012, two years ago, I started this blog. I actually had no idea what content I needed to share. The main reason why I started writing was to intensively be aware with the choices I make. I started blank and did not know where it would go, neither if I could write interesting things. My guess was that I would naturally experience it.

This was exciting for me, I dived into interesting subjects, wrote articles and shared them online. By posting each article nerves runned  through my body. Every post was a big step out of my comfort zone. I wrote about subjects that fascinated me, and did not think about what others might find useful to read. I was idealistic, inquisitive and had a wanderlust and processed that all in text.

Meanwhile I turned my idealism, curiosity and wanderlust into a specific website with a purpose. The website is now focused on adventure, break through everday life and how to grow from that as a person. Yet my blog will make a turn. Around eight weeks from now, I will only do one thing on this website: share stories, pictures and videos about my experiences during a bike ride from The Netherlands to Singapore.

In the past year, during my quest for adventure, I’ve learned about many great adventures. From kayak trips through the ocean to cycle-tours around the world. I dreamed about these adventures and found these people lucky bastards to experience all these things. I’ve changed my mind about this. I guess maybe it’s just as easy as making the choice, pack your things and leave.

After years of dreaming, now it’s starting to become reality: My cycle-tour from Rotterdam to Singapore. I told everyone that I’ll leave on February 2, 2015. And now there’s only eight weeks left before I trade my comfortable bedroom and bed for a bicycle and a tent.

What will I come across?

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