Packing list for a bicycle journey through Europe and Asia

Packing list for a bicycle journey through Europe and Asia

Here is what I take on my cycle-tour through Europe and Asia. I want to be as much self-sufficient as I can. That means that I will take camping stuff, cooking gear and other stuff to survive in nature.

Kit list

1. Frame bag with an puncture repair kit, spare chain and multi-tool
2. Bag on frame for cycle food and GoPro camera
3. Sleeping bag
4. Tent
5. Down jacket
6. Sleeping mat
7. Paspoort with copies
8. Rain/wind jacket
9. Inflatable cushion
10. Microfibre towel
11. Rainsuit
12. Sleeping bag liner for extra warmth
13. Garmin Etrex navigation
14. Cycling computer
15. Water filter
16. Mosquitoes grid
17. Coffee maker
18. Emergency light
19. Head light
20. Buff thick
21. Buff thin
22. Toilet bag
23. First-aid kit including medication (ibuprofen, diarrhoea relief, rehydration sachets and antibiotics)
24. Cooking gear
25. Sun glasses
26. Insulation clothes including short/pants/socks
27. Ringo the Rhino
28. Bicycle pump
29. Spare tubes
30. Spare tire
31. GoPro camera with mini tripod
32. Small sewing kit
33. Selfie stick
34. Knife
35. Mini laptop
36. SLC camera Nikon D3200
37. GoPro head strap
38. Spare batteries including AA and AAA for navigation and headlight
39. Iphone
40. Sun charger for phone and GpPro
41. Thin gloves
42. Winter gloves

What is not on the picture: bike helmet, cycling wear, one pair of shoes, duc tape, thermometer, bag with (spare) food, two 1.5 liter bottles of water and my love booklet from Lisa.

Check out here how it looks on the bike.