The challenge of 12000 kilometer by bicycle

The challenge of 12000 kilometer by bicycle

In 5 months I will change my existence totally. From a normal life with work, social things, girlfriend, friends and family, I will change life into cycling alone for days and days to reach a destination that is located on the other side of the world. I don’t feel any fear yet because I’m not aware of what it excally means to cycle 12000 kilometers. But I decided to really do this. I will quit my job and go on an adventure for a long time.

The route

I plotted my first thoughts on the route at the map above. It will still change a bit untill the date of departure, dependent on the developments of different areas and countries in Asia. For now the countries which I would like to cross are: Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, India, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.


To cycle every day for at least six months, I need to prepare some things. I allready made an appointment with the health service to get some needles inside my body. Prepare for any sickness along the road.

I really wanted to have a good bicycle sponsored by an organisation that has an environmentally friendly way of dealing with the production of products. Right know I’m waiting for approval from an organisation that I yet can’t tell you the name of, but I will reveal it soon if they want to support my dream.

The pursuit of a dream

This is my dream to make something real that I know is possible to be real. But it will also be a challenge, I see this as something in which I want to…

  • …not settle and move on all the time
  • …renounce what is not important
  • …reconnect with nature
  • …experience real simplicity in life
  • …not go on vacations and postpone a big travel untill later
  • …fight for something that I do believe will give me a great memory that last a lifetime

I do believe it is easier for so many people to give in. To buy into the system. To get a job we do not really love to do. To fill our houses with stuff. To settle in our relationships. To settle in everything and to stop living dreams like we dreamed of as a child.

What will the future bring?

I will bring experiences and advice about vaccinations, route planning, buying equipment and much more about the preparations of a long distance cycle -tour.

Life can be complicated but this is my way of giving meaning to it all. I will not change the world or make it a lot better with it but if I can inspire and entertain people with this journey it will give me a sence of worthy.

Thanks to ya’ll for reading this and following me along the way.