Manifesto – 2015 a year of adventure

Manifesto – 2015 a year of adventure

Every year I take a moment between Christmas and New Year to look back at the successes and failures of the year. An honest look at myself. What is happened last year and what will happen next year?

How I do this exactly? Take a look at last year’s post.

I have spent last year planning my 2015 bike expedition: cycling from Rotterdam to Singapore. My statement is that you don’t have to take an airplane to the other side of the world to have adventure, you can also cycle to it. That is way more fun, cost less money and is more challenging. Some people ask, “Are you crazy?” And yes, maybe I am a little bit crazy but I think it is better to regret something you did than regret not doing it.

I am really glad how 2014 went by. I did a lot of microadventures to create that short memories where I can feel happy about. I also achieved some goals from last year.

In last year’s resolution list I mentioned to save enough money to spend at least six months world cycling including a flight back from Singapore. And yes I did that! And I basically saved all the money with freelance work and that is something that I did not dare to dream of when I finished college two years ago. On the other side I feel a bit sad because in four weeks I trade every little piece of career I build in for a bicycle and a tent.

When I return, my career will start from scratch again but I know that it will be worth it. I know that 2015 will be new, fun and different. I am going to do something I never ever did before in my life. In 2015 I will experience the wild and escape from the rushed, mundane world. I will not settle and move on all the time. Reconnect with nature and experience real simplicity in life. It will be hard but the hard times you remember for some reason the best right?

I hope I will inspire other people to not buy (yourself at a young age) into the system. To get a job you don’t really want because you want to buy a house with a mortgage, or you want a new car. I don’t want to reject such a life but at least let it not stop you from making adventure/travel dreams come true. It is easy and comfortable to give in like that and forget about our dreams we had as a child. I believe that the uneasy and uncomfort will give you much more to remember.

Wish you all an adventurous 2015!