I made the decision, I am going to cycle from Rotterdam to Singapore

I made the decision, I am going to cycle from Rotterdam to Singapore

Finally, after six years of dreaming and looking for the ultimate challenge, driven by my desire for adventure and writing ambitions, I decided to do probably the biggest thing in my entire life. I am going to attempt to cycle from Rotterdam to Singapore solo and unsupported.

I’d never thought that I will be doing something that will also be my biggest fear. The unknown for anything that will happen during this journey, the countries, the cycling, the people and that I will be doing it all on my own. Still, when I think of it I get chivers down my body, I want to start cycling right away.

I have set a date to leave: Monday, February 2nd 2015, which is still five months from now and these five months I want to use to prepare this journey as best as I can. I’m going to share all these preparations through this personal blog. That is included, my specific route planning and I’m going to set up a sponsorship campaign. With the help of the book “Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook” I made a schedule of some preparations.

From now untill departure

  • Testing my gear, bicycle, camping equipment, electronics and camera. I need to know what bicycle fit best for this tour and what light weighted equipment I need to buy and or may possibly be sponsored. Contact me if you have any ideas about sponsorship.
  • Get some vaccinations, I probably need some for hepatitis and some more.
  • Learn how to proper blog and update while I’m on the road.
  • Start applying for any neceassary visas for about 12 countries. I have no idea how I’m going to tackle this, any suggestions?
  • Save some money to buy food and drinks and not to forget: my flight back to Holland.

Three months to go

  • Get a value passport for the time I’m cycling.
  • Start to do more test rides like my journey from Rotterdam to Paris. Nice to know how I can fix any problems with my bike along the road.
  • Serious fitness training to get my body in shape, I’m going to leave to avoid any unnecessary injuries (want to cycle at least 100 kilometer average a day).
  • Bit on the lookout for handy things like a water filter that will save some abdominal pain, and it needs to be all pretty lightweighted (I hope to keep total gear including bike under 20 kg).

One month to go

  • Start to collect any food items that will be good to have  with me. Like canned fish and some emergency astronaut food.
  • Reconsider my electronics, maybe in about four months there are smaller solar panels on the market, who knows.
  • Have the bike shop look over my bike to be sure there is nothing wrong with it so I can at least reach Germany.

Am I missing some important preparations? Do you have experience? Tips? Let me know what comes to your mind in the comment section.

Illustration bicycle by Joris Deelen.