How to write New Year’s resolutions?

How to write New Year’s resolutions?

Take an honest look at yourself. What happened last year?

Looking back at the successes and failures of the year is a good idea. It often takes time to figure out next moves, so it’s important to create time in which this can happen. For a while now, I take a moment between Christmas and New Year to look back and to look ahead with a new outlook. It’s the perfect time to do a mental system reset and start the year with a fresh new outlook and enthusiasm. Who am I now? What do I want? What will the next year bring to me?

What is your outlook for the new year?

It is important to stand still at least one time each year about what it is going on in your life. This is different for anyone. I do this because it makes me feel in control. I see myself as a wanderer with purpose. At the end of a year I can look back on some achievements and be proud about the things I did. It is also a fun thing to do. Do not worry what you make of it, just enjoy the attempt. Make a list by writing the following down on a paper.

Single attribute about myself I want to change to become more the person that I want to be…

What is the most important thing you want to change? This is your mission for the next year. For example for me, the attribute in 2013 was to learn to not postpone anymore when not necessary. How? In having an enthousiastic and positive attitude towards challenges in and out of my comfort zone. This is just a general thought you value the most.

Three goals I want to achieve by the end of this year…

If you can already think of a few possible goals, do a quick 3-minute brainstorm and write down every goal that pops into your head. Formulate them in a positive way. Only state goals you are fully motivated to work on. For example, one of my goals in 2013 was to get my honors degree of Business Economics.

Which people do I want to surround myself with, what do I value in this people…

This phrase maybe sound silly to you but I once read that we’re the average of six of our best friends. If you want to be a more optimistic and positive person and the people you are surrounded with are very negative, you will have a hard time to change yourself. Seeking out like-minded people on a regular basis can shed light on things that are unclear.

During the year I want to work on the following habits…

This is the most fun part. These are your structural habits. How do you want to spend your (leisure) time during this year? For example, in 2013 I wanted to learn salsa and another language.

Save this list and keep it with you somewhere. In times when you’re lost you can get back on track with this list. Change it when you want. Do not get attach to it but use it as your guideline for the year.

Good luck and a Happy New Year!