How to overcome barriers to a sustainable adventurous life

How to overcome barriers to a sustainable adventurous life

Every person wants to do good for themselves and for others. That is the beauty of mankind. Some can’t see it others can. It means that a challenging adventurous life comes along with sharing it and inspiring others with it. This can be done through more adventures, more risk and less comfort that leads to personal growth. Just getting out there and explore your adventurous self.

If you’re just living a life without any purpose in mind, you’re going to hit rock bottom at one point. Many people hit this bottom point and don’t know how to get from there. I want to share a guide. A guide with steps that are all about accepting our situation and to change it.

Step one: facing the situation

We need to try and stop blaming other people and external factors for what influence us in achieving something. Rather than looking to other people to save you, acknowledge where you are in life and that you are the only one in control of your own destiny.

Step two: break through your current situation

It is time to start moving life in the right direction. Change is always there. Without change you are going to face bottom again… And again… And again… Accepting your situation and actively changing it acts as fuel for continued transformation.

Step three: start imaging your new adventures

Whether it might be cycling, hitchhiking, backpacking or just a small activity, you are the creator of your adventures. Imaging the places you want to go and the people you want to meet. There are tons of ways to get somewhere. And if it’s not realistic to go that far… I manage for example a 400 kilometer bike trip to a neighbour country for a week. Micro adventures work perfect too.

Do you want to help people? There are tons of options to start making the differents, to help organizations abroad to make the world a better place.

Here a little exercise to help you to imaging new ways of living.
1. get some peace and quit
2. center yourself
3. start visualizing
4. look under the surface
5. write it down
6. set goals
7. follow through
8. stay motivated

Step four: reward yourself

To stay motivated in various circumstances is a real challenge. Don’t be to hard on yourself. If you wrote down a goal and you accomplished the goal, stop for a second. Look back and respect your old self. Now you have changed and your life is renewed in some areas. If you did an adventure you will NEVER forget it. You will look back on yourself and say: YES, I DID IT!