How to become commited to the journey of a lifetime

How to become commited to the journey of a lifetime

We all want to explore the world, learn about everything and do what we really want to do. This can be done. It’s a choice. We need to commit. One of the biggest problems with launching an adventure is that commitment. Commitment in planning and saving money. To have some ground breaking adventures and to create lifetime memories. I just signed up at the Alastair Humphreys adventure1000 mailinglist. His advice is simple, I’m inspired.

Choose your kind of adventure

Adventure cycling, running, hitchhiking, wild camping, what kind of adventure do you like? China is cheap, Sweden is expensive. The North is cold and the South is warm. A hostel cost money, wilcamping cost you nothing.

Pick a date

Decide which date you want to leave. A year? An half year? A month? Commit yourself to this date and tell your friends that you are leaving.

Start saving

How much money can you lose each week? Choose an amount and calculate how long you need to save this money. Start a bank account and transfer each week an amount of money.

Sort out everything

Commitment, equipment, fitness, time off work. Prepare yourself. Sort out the things you’ll need. Untill that time you can have some micro adventures.

And go!