Fundraiser and independent cycle reporter for World Fund for Wildlife

Fundraiser and independent cycle reporter for World Fund for Wildlife

In my cycle-tour from Rotterdam to Singapore I’m going to tell stories about the three major Asian big animals on my way: the rhino, elephant and tiger. I will become a cycle reporter in both India and Malaysia. Some areas in this countries are priority areas because the animals living there are threatened. The World Fund for Wildlife is working on conflicts between human and these animals. For me, nature is important and without nature long distance cycling has no point. That’s why I like to support nature through my journey.

Below I share three major areas that I possibly will going to visit. In these areas the WWF is active for the protection of nature and endangered species like the rhinos, elephants and tigers. In the areas below these species live their lifes in nature parks. Here I can spy and write about them from my road bike.

  • Located in northern India on the border of Nepal, this is one of the priority areas of the WWF when it comes to nature and protection of endangered animals.


  • This area differs a little bit from my route but the WWF has asked me to do report on this area because this is also an important priority area. This area is located in the most eastern part of India.


  • Located in Malaysia the Belum State Park includes the Asian elephant and tiger. Especially the tiger is threatened with extinction.


Today I share a guest post that I have recently written for, the website where every daredevil with an action raises money for charity. I also concur with this, found my journey inspiring and they asked me to write a guest blog on their website. This post is in Dutch but here is the English version.

In February, his unique journey starts: Henk cycles from Rotterdam to Singapore. That’s right: he does this on a bicycle. All alone, with no more than a bag of clothes and a tire repair kit. Ambitious, brash or disturbed perhaps? And Henk cycles not only for his own adventure. He is going to raise money for charity.

Hence he contacted JustGiving with whether we might have a few tips and suggestions. Soon his action was linked to the World Fund for Wildlife and the idea came up to visit some piority areas in Asia. With blogs and photos Henk is going to do report of the situation and ask people to show their support. Read the story of Henk and get inspired!

Cycling from Rotterdam to Singapore

For years now I dream of a great adventure. And I’m not talking about a month backpacking in Australia, I’m talking about a really nerve-racking trip where I can look back on the rest of my life. Something that will put myself both physically and mentally to the test. A journey of challenge, a journey that gets me shivers down my body when I think about it. After years of dreaming, I have probably made the biggest decision in my life: I challenge myself to cycle from Rotterdam to Singapore on my own.

Since I walk around with this idea, I’ve already gotten many reactions. One says: “It isn’t possible, you have to cross countries where war is going on and you’re not going to put your life at risk for this right?” Another says: “You are alone, what do you do if you are getting robbed somewhere?” But yet there are also people who appreciate and even respect the idea. As someone said: “This is really the coolest things I’ve ever heard, when you do this it is going to change your life.”

I have no experience in long-distance cycling. Lately I’m trying to get used to it, a tour through the Netherlands, a cycle-tour to Paris. I try out my camping gear and of course learn to ride my bike properly. I read a lot of books and blogs from people who have already done something similar.

In preparation for this adventure I’ve contacted, because it would be great if I could connect this journey to some urgent matter to raise money for. Not only an adventure for my own but also to create awareness for some cause and raise money with that for charity. After this contact everything went fast, before I knew it I was visiting the headquarters of the World Fund for Wildlife in The Netherlands, to tell them about my idea. I wanted to do this because I am really motivated to write some on the AREAS (Asian Rhino and Elephant Strategies) project. There is much going on in Asia with tigers, rhinos and elephants. We see little of this but these animals are essential for mother nature and if we do not help them they will nt survive. I want to make people more aware of this. Besides my experiences on my bike I will write, photograph and film about these animals and the conflicts on the spot.

In February 2015 I will depart from Rotterdam. How long the journey will take is still the question but my ambition is to do it on an average of 100 kilometers a day. Through my JustGiving page I sell 10,000 kilometers for one euro per kilometer. All proceeds will go to the World Fund for Wildlife.


Please help me to raise my goal through my campaign page.

Read this blog on (in Dutch).