Dreaming about a great travel adventure

Dreaming about a great travel adventure

One day I discovered people that are making their way from country to country on a bycicle. I was still stuck on the idea that a big travel adventure involves a lot of money. Cycling from country to country would be a really genius idea. Cycling isn’t expensive and with a tent and a sleeping bag I can go with almost a zero budget wherever I want to go. Perhaps this is the way I can make my big travel dream come true? Cycling is sure an adventure, but some preparation is needed. I would keep it simple but a little research can’t hurt. So here a story; philosophizing into a great travel adventure.

In general, an adventurer need three main things. A little insecurity, because the more security you have the more you have to lose. Great flexibility, because the more flexibel you are the more you can do right now. A little peace with things, because the more packed and adhesive to stuff you are the more you have to worry to lose that stuff. However, some things might be handy to think about. I’m going to mention some questions and answers that interest me in making this big adventure dream come true.

Why do I need it?

It’s expanding the boundaries that I have.  The idea of quitting my recent activities to see some of the world can be an unattainable dream for one day too many. Sitting in front of my computer and reading the internet about the adventures of others could be really frustratingWhy can’t I have a big adventure? Well, that’s a limited belief and limiting beliefs centre around the phrase: “I can’t…” The fact is that this negative phrase is valid for the present moment only. For example to say, “I can’t have a big adventure, because…” means I can have a big adventure but I won’t. The best way to find out what I am capable of is to pretend that I can. What I can’t do, I won’t. As long as you belief that it is possible to quit your recent stable life and follow that big adventure dream, it isn’t impossible.

What do I need to have it?

I don’t need as much as I think I need. Uuuhm, what? Well, I could plan a lot of stuff to make this adventure as comfortable as it could be, or I just go. I can think about weight, and utilising the space I have. I see a lot of “dream catchers” have many bags with them. Is that really needed? Well, you can make the tour as complex as you want. More stuff is more to worry about. That’s also the issue with saving money: a problem of having cash in abundance is that you can buy yourself into an easy life. Again, a self-belief can take you wherever you want and believing that you can do it with less money and material is the first step in saving money for this big adventure.

How do I pass time in the unpredictable world?

I am alone, so what can I do to not feel lonely? In the research I might do, I can look for interesting things I want to visit. Like museums, landscapes or people along the way. Or maybe I take some books with me and read to feel calm and enjoy inspiring stories from others. Or I can bring my camera with me and take photos/videos of whatever I find interesting along the way. Or I can write down my adventures and what I see and experience. But isn’t the most important thing, to be in the moment? To feel peace and not worry about the things that have happened and will happen in the future. Let’s care about the basic needs for survival: air, water, food, sleep and health. Keep it simple. Trust the process. Just go.

For me, it took 15 years, a great love and a lot of travel to get rid of all the inessential things I had collected and live a bigger, better, richer life with less. – Graham Hill