Departure time

Departure time

At the moment I am in Düren in Germany and it’s three days since I left Rotterdam. And what an awesome departure it was! I’m still full of emotions but I cycle fast to release all that and now I can count already 260 kilometers on my odometer.

Monday I departed by ferry from my hometown Alblasserdam to Rotterdam. In Rotterdam family, friends and my girlfriend Lisa waved goodbye. Also a lot of national media, national television, local radio and Marktplaats, the online second hand market place company where I bought my bicycle. So many people wished me luck the last few days and I didn’t even had the opportunity to thank everyone. Thanks to everyone for all the encouraging comments, that really made the differents!


For now, I continue with the journey. After three days I encoutered many adventures on the road. The first night I slept in a forest near Den Bosch and I was called in the morning by Tim Klijn’s radio broadcast on Radio 10.

First night on cycling Rotterdam to Singapore #r2s #wildcamping #selfie #cycling fores#adventure fores#forest

Later that day I was caught at a little break at a fast food restaurant by someone who recognized my bike from national television. More crazy it should not be. Anyway, when I’m back in my tent with temperatures minus seven, I feel quite down-to-earth again.

I try to continue my journey tomorrow towards the icy Austria. The next few days I am still in Germany but my motto is going fast because the further south I go the cheaper it gets. From hills to mountains with snow peaks and then I can more often afford a hostel to tell stories here on the blog.

By the way, Ringo is doing quite fine!

Adventure with Ringo #r2s #adventuremascotte #adventure #cycling

For now, a warm night and tomorrow back to nature!

Here is the departure video (with English subtitles):