Cycle-tour Rotterdam to Singapore: what to expect?

Cycle-tour Rotterdam to Singapore: what to expect?

These are to the point resolutions for my 2015 cycle-tour that is going from Rotterdam to Singapore. What can you expect from this blog while riding my bicycle 12000 kilometers in 2 continents and 22 countries in probably around 6-8 months?

Well, here we go.

Rotterdam to Singapore by bicycle

My objective for this adventure:

“Show people that with travel and adventure you can achieve something to be proud of. Also show that everybody is able to fulfill their lives with spontaneous great and fun memories like this – I’ll do this by publishing text, photos and videos to entertain and inspire others.”

Weekly blog update

This blog I created because I knew that someday a big journey was coming my way. 2014 consisted mainly of short adventures but 2015 will be different and I’m looking forward to it. Expect a weekly blog update while adventuring my bicycle.

Monthly video update

Last year, fellow adventurer Erwin Zantinga showed me that making videos is fun to do and for people fun to watch. We’ve got a lot of great responses from our video Walking the West Coast. The videos I’m going to publish will be with the purpose of entertainment. Just to give you a look into what I’m experiencing along the way. Crappy, emotional, fun videos, that will make you smile about me attending to do something ridiculous.

Write an ebook

I will combine stories and photos in an ebook and that ebook will be free to download and read for everybody. Including planning, my kitlist, adventure stories and photos.

Make a documentary

With the help of my friend Erwin Zantinga I will make a 20-30 minute documentary from this journey. I will publish this in the year 2015.

And that is what you can expect from this blog in 2015.

Do you have any advice on how I can make this journey more interesting for people to follow? Let me know in the comment section.

Enjoy all this and wish me luck!

Ps. Please don’t forget to donate a little of your money to my fundraising page right here!