PART 3: Connecting with others, 5 useful tips

PART 3: Connecting with others, 5 useful tips

Who you are matters. Your stories. Your experience. Your perspective. Everyone has something interesting in his or her personality, but this to connect with others can be a challenge. Creating a good connection can already happen in a first conversation. Have you ever had it? You meet a new person and unexpectedly it turns suddenly in an interesting conversation. During the conversation, you have no more notion of time and when you left you thought: “hey, that was now a really nice person.”

In this blog I share five tips that will help you to get more of this connections.

1. Focus on the good in people

Frustration and negativity we have already too many in this world. Nobody is perfect. We all have something good in us. That may well be the best topic of the conversation. Remind yourself to bring particular information in a positive way. Another goes with you in this flow and quickly you make each other happy.

2. Be helpful to others

Help others with tips or advice. Be a good listener and move yourself into the world of others. To really understand others can be a relief. We often tend to talk about ourselves, to ask questions and learn more about others is more fun for the both of you.

3. Smalltalk, it is something you can learn

If you really sit with it but get no bond, pay more attention to it. Imagine deliberately open for a chat with the greengrocer, butcher, just random people you meet. A situational comment or question may be enough for a brief contact. Step by step you will learn to set yourself more social in this way. Make a habit of it.

4. Tell stories

Storytelling can make a difference. How you put it. Your perspective and experience. Especially in a conversation with a stranger you can learn better through enthusiastic stories together. Whether it’s a fairy tale, a personal story or a story from a recently read book, stories are entertaining and make a conversation just a little more fun. With a story you can show where you are interested in, how you think about things and is engaging for someone else.

5. Emphasize things in common

When you consciously search things you share with one other you will be amazed that you have more things in common than you ever thought. Initially does a man always feel unique and you can therefore easily think someone is totally different from you. Just go fishing that things in common because you will have them, and if you can’t find them I advise you to ask more. Interests, way of thinking and doing, wanderlust, character traits, believe me, there is always something that you have in common with one other.