On a regular basis I meet up with people, participate in a round table discussion or write an article for a biking or adventure magazine. I’m an enthusiastic storyteller of my experiences on the bike and consciously try to process what I’ve learned as a person.

If you would like to have a conversation, or you are organizing an event with the theme of cycling (travel) and would like to involve me, make sure you send me a message. I like to take people through my experiences, surviving in the Alaskan winter, embracing loneliness on the Tibetan plateau in China or the experience of the overwhelming hospitality in Iran.

I prefer to have conversations with individuals or small groups and I’m also open to participating in podcasts and panels or writing an article for a magazine, as long as the subject is bikepacking or adventure in the outdoors.

I do this for the love of the adventure community and have no commercial motivation, and in principle only charge an expense allowance. I’m based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Interested? Get in touch by sending your request to hjvandillen[at]