Bulgaria and Greece in photos

Bulgaria and Greece in photos

Just a few words in this blog. I’ll take you with photos through my journey which continuous through Bulgaria and Greece to the border of Turkey.

The photos are focused on my journey, nature and local life in the mountains of Bulgaria and in a little part of the north of Greece.

Crossing the Bulgarian border

At the border from Macedonia to Bulgaria.

Farmer and sheeps at car garage - Bulgaria

A local farmer using every piece of grass which he can find for his sheeps.

Fighting lizards - Bulgaria

Is it spring? Or are they fighting to become the new leader.

Skeleton in Bulgaria

This is one fascinating skeleton. I just don’t know what this has been for animal.

Wild camping - Bulgaria

One of my free camping places near a muddy river in Bulgaria.

Cooking on the road

Today’s meal is spaghetti with tuna, mayonnaise, sweet paprika and black pepper. An advice from my host Maria from Sofia.

Brushing teeth


Short break in Bulgarian mountains

One of my breaks. Here in an abandoned village in between rocky mountains.

Mountain region eastern Bulgaria

I’ve seen them a lot in Eastern Europe: abandoned or unfinished properties.

Store in Bulgarian eastern mountains - still open

High in the mountains between the snow I found this shop. And yes, the store was still open.

Snow again - Bulgaria

Bulgaria has beautiful nature. I still don’t regret that I started cycling in winter.

Bulgarian mountains

Bulgarian mountains

Break at restaurant in Bulgaria

A local restaurant on the road run by two ladies. For 2 euros I had a complete meal.

Bulgaria mountains local farmer

A Bulgarian woman in the mountains with her herd of cows.

Local cows - Bulgaria

In one of the villages I came across this meadow with cows.

Bulgarian mountainous region

A lake between mountains. Breathtaking.

Road in Bulgaria

Most roads in Bulgaria are ok. Though there are many who need maintenance.

Evening sunset in Bulgaria

My view of a sunset from a pitch between the farmer fields.

Woman road workers - Bulgaria

Women at work on the road in the city of Haskovo in eastern Bulgaria.

Bulgaria first class road

Horse and carriage you see a lot between speeding vehicles. Also lonely cyclists.

Leaving Bulgaria

It is always just a few days that I am in a country. I leave at the peak.

Open road in Greece on my way to Turkey

Before Turkey I cycled across a small part of the north of Greece. A very good road where I counted a car In every five minutes. Bingo!

Turkey border crossing on my little bike

The upcoming month I’ll drink a lot of tea with the Turkish people. If the hospitality also has space for cycling I hope to go along the Black Sea to Trabzon to score my Iranian visa. First some of Istanbul, known as one of the largest mazes for bike riders.