Beach expedition: misery is secretly brilliant

Beach expedition: misery is secretly brilliant

This story is about two brave guys trying to walk the 150 kilometer West Coast of The Netherlands in miserable circumstances. Today the second part of this story. If you’d missed the first part you might want to start at the beginning.

If you want to do something and you know that its going to be miserable, should you still do it? Well, I think you maybe not because why should you do something that is deeply unpleasant? We did it and came to the conclusion that misery is secretly brilliant.

Let me tell you my thoughts on this. I think that misery is secretly brilliant because when something is all the way pleasant which story you have to tell about it anyway? We hit rock bottom in this journey. We walked with some deeply unsatisfied faces but still got the times of our lives. Misery, I think its secretly something we enjoy and learn a lot from.


We were still walking in the rain. Monday we left on a good day and now on this third day it was raining for two days in a row. Today was the day I actually started to enjoy walking in the rain. We were getting used to it and also knew that things were going to be better next day. We had something to look out for. Just 25 kilometers walking and than we should reach a camping to have a hot shower and to fresh things up. Yes, a dream within a dream, after rain comes sunshine.


Today we wanted to reach Zandvoort because that is the place where we could find a camping. In the afternoon I didn’t believe anymore that we would reach that warm shower. The headwind blew us in the wrong direction. We smiled because we were walking on a nudist beach and couldn’t even look 10 meters in front of us. Let alone someone nice to look at. There was no one for over 15 kilometers.

Suddenly things became more interesting, we saw a city in front of us later in the afternoon. Should this be the promest land, did we saw a hot shower in front of us?

And yes we did! Early in the evening we walked into Zandvoort. We were broken but reached our goal! Maybe we still could do this in 6 days? My hope was growing again. Maybe we still were going to do this, walking 150 kilometers in miserable weather in 6 days! Yay!

The hot shower was on! This was maybe the best shower in my entire life. Enjoying a hot shower that much, could you possible imaging? After the shower we cheered a beer together.


We looked at each other and became proud of what we accomplished. Two not prepared boys who just walked for over two days in a row at miserable circumstances with a damned stupid cart through weather an soft sand. What the heck we got ourselves into? This was defenitly the adventure we would never forget in our lives!

The next day we woke up with beautiful sunshine, we even could feed some lovely birds.

feeding little birds

We learned a lot from this past days. The big thing is when you’re walking by this miserable weather you’re not worrying about anything but the walk. Only you, the circumstances en the goal. We liked it. I liked it. If someone asked me ever again if I would walk for kilometers and kilometers on an empty beach in miserable weather? I’ll say yes with a big smile.

Beach and sunshine

We started walking again, this time with better circumstances and a smile on our faces.

Three days to go. From cold and rain into hot, sweaty wheater. We were getting other kind of challenges but also meet some really nice people. We would made it but not without a lot of blisters and other injuries. More on this in the next part!