About Henk

In 2015 I cycled from Rotterdam to Singapore. With this journey I discovered how wonderful and free I feel outside on my bicycle. This blog has since been a place with travel stories, advice on (bicycle)travel, camping and I also share my continuous discovery of values, identity and meaning in life.

My starting point is that I find it extremely important to spend as much time outside as possible and to experience nature with all its changing elements. Adventure or microadventure are great ways for me to do that. Learning about the world, with an open attitude to other cultures and values. Making time by fleeing from the fast-paced modern reality of our society. Preferably as simple as possible, independent and free without needing too much money and luxury.

In nature I often become aware of the immeasurable time and space in which we live and that makes me very calm. I write about these kinds of insights, combining travelogues with articles inspired by buddhism, stoicism and existentialism.

I’m based in Rotterdam and working in the cultural sector there.

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