Hi, I’m Henk.

In 2015 I cycled from Rotterdam to Singapore. This journey made me passionate about adventurous travel. Traveling forces me to let go of the cultural values ​​that I’m used to and that brings me new perspectives. This website is a journey of discovery. A discovery of values, identity and meaning. With a journey in which I try to increase my knowledge of the truth in an adventurous way.

I believe that it is important to escape everyday life once in a while. Adventure (or microadventure) is a great way for me to do that. Learning about the world, with an open attitude to other cultures and values. Making time by fleeing from the fast modern reality of our society. Preferably in nature and as simply as possible, without being dependent on a big bag of money.

When I’m not discovering the world, I’m based in Rotterdam. Mostly working in the cultural sector.

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