A week in my life

A week in my life

A week in my life in a blog. A dynamic week. A wonderful week full of different activities and experiences. I like to keep things interesting and challenging. This is how I life my live. Last week taken in pictures during my daily activities.

Monday 24 February 2014

Right know I’m sitting in a lunchroom and take a sip of my cappuccino. I just started the week with a little chaos inside my head. Couldn’t find my keys and couldn’t leave on my bike to the Central Station of Rotterdam to get a train to Dordrecht. Instead I took my longboard and that wasn’t a bad idea. Today I’m going to give breakdance classes to primary school kids, starting at 10:30am.

XX (2 van 2)

Teaching kids breakdance is a big part of my life on Mondays and Fridays. Today I start a three week course preparing a show for the fourth week. In that show these kids will perform for their parents and classmates. This is one of my hobbies and I’m very grateful that I get the opportunity to pass on my skills to younger generations.

Breakdance classes

After doing two hours of classes at 10:30am and 1:15pm I traveled back to Rotterdam city. I needed to buy a new pants because my old ones are all broken somehow from breakdancing. I live a couple of days at Lisa’s (my girlfriend) place in the North of Rotterdam. Lisa lives together with her girlfriend Maaike and she made a really nice carrot soup for diner today. In the evening, it was time to do my weekly salsa practice at 8:00pm. You can see Kelly on the picture, she’s a good friend of my.

Salsa class -

Tuesday 25 February 2014

I just came back in Rotterdam from another breakdance class at 8:45am in Dordrecht. Right know I’m in the office of the great WORM in Rotterdam. I work at WORM as a barkeeper but today I’m working in the office. I am an entrepreneur and work commissioned by different cultural organizations in Rotterdam. Today I do bookkeeping for one of these organizations. I graduated as a business economist and us my knowledge and skills for nonprofit organizations in the art and culture sector.

freelance work @ worm

At the end of the day I went back to the North and made dinner for the three of us. The place where Lisa and her girlfriend live is actually a prison which closed due to cuts on expanse from the government. Now it is for rent as an anti-squat building. This is the kitchen from the personnel house where I cook together with Maaike.

Making dinner

Wednesday 26 February

Today I work for another cultural organization. I also work on the development and organization of cultural projects in the South of Rotterdam. On a fysical location called the Werkplaats Carnisse, I supervise encounter, cultural production and presentation for residents and entrepreneurs in the neighborhood. This place arose from a participation project from the Museum Rotterdam with other organizations. The goal is to make this place self-sufficient as a foundation run by residents.

XX (2 van 4)

At 4:00pm a couple of German students came to visit this place. I gave a speech about my work and the social problems in the South of Rotterdam. After this speech I took them to the center to show them WORM. They gave me some money for the tour from which I funded a program board for the Werkplaats. Well, thanks!

guiding German students

Thursday 27 February

A rainy day. Yesterday in the evening I took the waterbus back to my parents which is 20km from Rotterdam. Today I cycle back to Rotterdam in the rain. Some people call me crazy but the rain don’t bother me. I don’t get angry from it, I just take on my rain suit and go. It makes me feel invincible. No one can stop me!

Biking in the rain

Today I start with a meeting with one of my colleagues with whom I work with in the South of Rotterdam. At 5:00pm I have a network reception and I meet other persons and organizations in the neighborhood Carnisse. My job is public relations and communication and I need to collaborate with as much people as possible to create a more livable neighborhood.

After this network meeting I cycled quickly to WORM for a night work at an event as a barkeeper. It was a great night, long but really joyful. I love my colleagues one by one and the programming of WORM is always great. I worked until 6:00pm and after a morning corn soup made by one of my colleagues, I headed for a good sleep. Before I jumped into bed I sat down to celebrate the end of the week at the Kralingse Plas in the North of Rotterdam. I often take a moment to enjoy nature, even in a busy city…

Kralingse Plassen

Friday 28 February

On Fridays in the evenings I teach a fixed group of dancers in Alblasserdam. With these kids I want to continue the organization that I started ten years ago. I hope they soon can start to do what I do and bring breakdance to the next generations.

Every day is different and I have no obligations whatsoever. I’m very thankful that I can live my life like this. I think when you work with passion for what you want to achieve life becomes really joyful. I like to help people with all the work I can possibly do. I hope to keep this varied life as long as possible!