Try not to settle down for less than an amazing life

With settling down, I mean to accept who you are and stop further development. This may be the case if you follow the same routine year after year and everything becomes a kind of normal. Settling down can be a pleasant routine or not. In the case of a pleasant rut you’ve found the right routine and you keep challenging your existence. It’s where happiness takes place.

The most of us grow up and are going to school. Ultimately we must choose the direction we are going. This choice is often difficult because we have to choose what we want to do for the rest of our lives on a young and inexperienced level. At one point we begin to doubt about this choice or we get in a rut. The challenge is gone. We need something new.

I soon experience a rut in the things I do. This is also why I am committed to a diverse lifestyle, but also in this existence ultimately there is a routine somewhere. This is with everything, everything has an expiration date. You will have to continue to change to stay the same. But how do you keep changing?

My advice, get at least once a day out of your comfort zone. This helps to change yourself and to gain new insights. By stepping out of your comfort zone you create memories and these memories last for a lifetime. Both positive and negative memories. As long as you find yourself focusing on the positive memories you will never settle for less than an amazinf life. When I think of my memories I think quickly on my bike trip to the Ardennes.  I stepped out of my comfort zone by going wild camping in the freezing cold. Initially this was not pleasant, but afterwards when I look back on that, I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever. I’m rather proud of myself that I was crazy enough to do it.

Help yourself to also encourage adventures. Try to step out of your comfort zone more often. I’m sure you’ll find out that it’s worth to life for. Start a conversation with a stranger or start your own micro adventure. Do you really want to get out of your daily routine? Quite your job, sell your belongings and bike around the world!

Photo by chantrybee.