Trailrunning in Sweden

It is Wednesday morning. I’m in Sweden this year during the Christmas holidays and spending some days in a cozy cottage in Köping. I put on my brand new running shoes for a trailrun.

Getraind ready for a trailrun

Trailrunning is running but slightly more adventurous. I’m in the right place for this here in Sweden. Forests to run in aren’t far away. I start running on the main road to hit the woods a little further on the left. And, luckily, with only a kilometer in my legs, I spot a group of wild deer in the distance.

Deer in the wild

In this part of Sweden a day counts in December only six hours of sunlight. The sunrise is extremely slow and it provides a very nice view. After half an hour running I take a break at a hunter lodge. There are many of these lodges around here. Hunters use them to spot and shoot wild animals. I also see a lot of traps. At this lodge a lick stone.

Hunters hut

I run away from the sun deeper into the woods. I use my phone as a compass. Later when the sun is higher I only need to run back towards the sun. Still, it’s exciting because getting lost here is not difficult.

Trailrunning in Sweden #microadventure

More than two hours later I arrive back at the cottage. This morning passed quickly. After running seven kilometers I feel refreshed and full of energy for the day. As a reward I’m going to make a nice warm cup of coffee.

A microadventure is an adventure that is short, simple, cheap but still fun, exciting, challenging, and refreshing. Now that I’m back from a big adventure, I’m keeping the adventure spirit alive by doing smaller ones. Click here for more microadventure ideas.