Henk is an adventurer, enthusiastic speaker, writer and photographer. In 2015 he cycled from Rotterdam to Singapore on a second hand bike of 195 euros. In 2018 he cycled from St. Petersburg to the North Cape in winter temperatures of -25 degrees Celsius. He also went on a skateboard through the Scottish highlands and through northern India. All his travels are independently and self-sufficient.

With lectures he motivates others to embrace change. By telling stories Henk shows that change is necessary to achieve goals and make dreams come true. From habits in our daily life to undertaking a larger project. With a weekend sleeping under the stars or further away in other cultures, by embracing those cultures and being part of them.

Henk is regularly in the news with his travels. He could be heard on radio’s in the Netherlands and came on the national news, but also in Southeast Asia and Russia.

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